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Fireworks photo-drawings, three sets. Light drawing from firework series. 'Firework Series', set of twelve photo-drawings. 'Nightlights Torquay', photo-drawing. 'London Lights', two photographs from series. 'Totnes Trails', photograph from photo/drawing series. Installation of photographs and sculptural pieces. Installation, slide projections and sculptural pieces. Series of twelve reversed photo-drawings of light through church window. 'Funfair Series', four photo/drawings. 'Funfair Series', two sets of twelve photo-drawings. 'Fireworks Series', three sets of two photo-drawings. Series of twelve photo-drawings of Twister fairground ride. Digitally manipulated spiders web. Two digitally manipulated photo/drawings. Fern space, digitally manipulated photograph Albino peacock tail, digitally manipulated photograph Tree lines, digitaly manipulated photograph Japanese Anenomes gone to seed in the dark, photo-drawing