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Having successfully exhibited as a student, on leaving college I began organising my own exhibitions and curating group shows around East London. While working for ACME in the early '80's I proposed writing a self-help book: 'Organising Your Own Exhibition' to accompany the Showroom, managed by ACME. It was first published by ACME, and subsequently taken over by AN publications, becoming one of their best selling artists books. A second book, 'Investigating Galleries' came out of a successful exhibiting career. Many commissions followed for a wide variety of publications including: 'Chisenhale Studios - The History'; 'Feminist Art Criticism'; 'Tender the Butcher'; AN; Artist& Illustrators Mag; The Independent, covering practical issues for artists and highlighting the expanding East London artistic community of the '80's and 90's. These publications can still be found in many college libraries and are recommended reading for students and graduates. They have been purchased by artists, arts organisations and libraries worldwide including the Netherlands, USA, Australia and the Congo.

'Organising Your Own Exhibition' by Debbie Duffin 'Organising Your Exhibition' by Debbie Duffin 'Investigating Galleries' by Debbie Duffin 'Investigating Galleries' by Debbie Duffin